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Is your hosting bill out of control?

Operations oversight puts cash back in your pocket.

The trouble with cloud platforms

The unlimited capacity and instant availability of the modern cloud platform you use to launch and scale your business is putting your company at risk.

Sure, you save money by skipping the expensive in-house operations teams. But without clear insight on where your infrastructure budget is going, you increase your risk of pricey mistakes.

Quit overpaying with improved insight

Harness the power of old-school in-house operations with the meaningful oversight and perspective needed to give you the confidence that the infrastructure budget is being used effectively.

Cloudsnip works with you to stop overpaying due to lacking the ops perspective required to spot small investments that yield significant savings.

If you're Spending

10k / month

We can Save You

60k / year

The operations perspective you need to make the most of your infrastructure budget.

  • Sleep well at night knowing your infrastructure investments are an asset and not a liability.
  • Know that your business can grow without worrying about escalating hosting costs cutting into your revenue.
  • Have confidence you're maximizing the value of your infrastructure spend and not paying for a bunch of unused resources.
  • Tackle frustrating reliability problems without interrupting your team.

Our proven process can cut your bill in half.

We've developed a three step process to diagnose, prescribe & eliminate your infrastructure waste. We offer each step as a standalone service so that there is no need to make a big commitment until we're sure we can achieve big savings for you.

Infrastructure Resilience Report


Before investing in any big infrastructure project it's important to understand the prevailing winds affecting your deployment. We help you cut through the fog of complexity with an unbiased perspective into the health of your current infrastructure operating practices.

With this report in hand you'll have recommendations on how to make smart decisions about when, where, and how to invest in infrastructure improvements. This report is a comprehensive health check you can use to guide your infrastructure investment strategy.

We measure infrastructure health across several key metrics including:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Visbility
  • Reliability
  • Delivery bottlenecks
  • Technical risk

Infrastructure Itinerary


We do a deep dive into your systems and plot a course towards maximizing your savings. At the end of this engagement you'll receive a detailed plan and recommendations for next steps. Your team can use the Infrastructure Itinerary as a plan to execute or we can do it for you with our Infrastructure Optimization package.

What you get in the Infrastructure Itinerary plan:

  • Specific, detailed recommendations about:
    • What to migrate and what to keep in place
    • Improve visibility through monitoring and instrumentation
    • Find and eliminate costly over provisioning
    • Improving your DevOps processes
    • Where to invest in cost saving performance optimizations
  • Prioritized recommendations (based on investment, return and risk assessment)
  • Recommendations on vendor selection and how to avoid lock in
  • Rating of tool effectiveness (hosting, code, monitoring, collaboration tools)

Infrastructure Optimization


If your Infrastructure Itinerary reveals opportunities for major savings we can make the necessary improvements for you. Infrastructure Optimizations typically last 1-3 months depending on the scale of your deployment. A successful Infrastructure Optimization will:

  • Cut your hosting bill in half
  • Improve your delivery and release process
  • Reduce your vendor lock-in

Infrastructure Optimizations typically involve one or more of the following activities:

  • Instrumenting monitoring software
  • Performance tuning
  • Data migration
  • Server migration
  • Tooling setup

How can you be sure you'll cut my costs in half?

In our experience, customers who meet our profile typically have a series of hidden areas that offer big savings without requiring a large investment or incurring large risk. We've had a 100% success rate in cost reduction. Our cost reduction success rate is near perfect for clients who fit this profile.

Will this slow down my development team?

Our process is designed to be non-invasive. Your developers are already battling your infrastructure while they do their best to move forward on building new features. This actually relieves them of infrastructure and operations related distractions. We provide solutions that improve developer happiness without forcing your team to go through uncomfortable cultural changes.

Do we have to change all of our existing tools?

Our offerings focus on filling deficiencies in your environment, not replacing things that are working well. Where you have tools and systems in place we look to find ways to extend the value you're getting from your current processes.

Will we have down time?

We prioritize maintaining expected service availability while reducing your infrastructure costs. It's true that certain complex systems with large amounts of data and legacy architecture can be very expensive to modify without downtime. These kind of projects are not a good fit for us. Our qualification process helps ensure that we're the right vendor for you. We only take on projects where we're sure we'll be able to work with little to no down time during migration efforts.

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